Renovations and upgrades coming to Lido Beach pavilion and pool

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LIDO KEY, Fla. - People visiting the beach are also usually visiting over at the pavilion as well. The city of Sarasota says upgrades to the Lido Key Beach pavilion and pool are necessary.

Brian Thal of Denver, Co., has been visiting Lido Beach for 30 years now. He says a complete renovation of the interior of the entire facility should be done.

"We come here because we like the beach, but it's just not a great facility," said Thal.

A large portion of the renovations would take place in the bathrooms at the pavilion and the pool. In addition to the bathrooms, proposed improvements include expanding the tiki bar and launching a new restaurant, adding a splash pad and more shade for the pool area and creating a green park area for public events.

City officials say they are looking to reach an agreement with a contractor soon. Costs for the entire project could run about $3.4 million.

"I think with any city facility, you want to maintain the facility to a proper status, where it's usable by the public," said David Boswell, a purchasing general manager with the city of Sarasota.

Plans for these proposed improvements to the Lido Beach pavilion and pool have been getting mixed reaction from people who live here or are just visiting. Some folks say they love the charm of this current facility.

"I kind of love this very Florida casual concession that's like an establishment here," said Nicole Hancock, a Sarasota resident. "We're doing too much modern building, so I'd like to kind of see it stay the same."

"I'm satisfied, it's a beautiful area to come and enjoy it," said Chuck Sanders, a Sarasota resident.

If all goes according to plan, city officials tell us work on the pavilion and pool would get underway sometime in late 2018.