Random acts of kindness inspire Suncoast

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SARASOTA - At this time of year, we all know the Christmas gifts come from Santa; but apparently the Christmas miracles come from total strangers.

"She handed me a white envelope and I said thank you so much and I appreciate this," said Theresa Metters, who is confined to a wheelchair.

Sunday she was heading down East Street, when a young woman in a black SUV pulled over and handed her a white envelope. What was inside surprised even her.  "Five crisp brand new twenty dollar bills," said Metters, "I went on to tell her I was raising my two grand-kids and it would help out with Christmas this time of year."

But Metters wasn't the only one to get a leg up from a total stranger.

"I was so surprised, elated of course," said Ed Greer, who was shopping at Walmart on Saturday, when a little boy, no more than six, handed him an envelope too. Inside was twenty dollars.

"It surprised me when I saw that happened," said Greer, "because you never see anything like that."

It was the first time something like that had happened to Greer in his ninety-three years.

"I didn't know what to say but I did get up to the boy and thank him very much for it," said Greer.

Two random acts of kindness, from two total strangers.

"It's just wonderful to hear that...there's still goodness and kindness in people and they care about each other," said Metters.

Where there was need, the money helped out and where there wasn't, that random sum of cash will keep on going.

"Without that and this lady, we have had very little," said Metters.

"Lois ,my wife, and I are going to give it to some charity or something," said Greer.

A true Christmas miracle? Who knows? But a simple act of kindness? That's without question.

"It's whats in the heart, and the goodness of people," said Metters.