Rally planned for Manatee teachers

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Tracey Moynihan-Rosa worries about the state of her kids' education.

"I grew up in Manatee County, I brought my kids here so they could go to school in Manatee County, and I want the same experience for them that I had," said Moynihan-Rose, "and they're not getting that right now."

Upset over the decision to eliminate 188 teacher and staff positions, she says there's no way the cuts won't impact students.

"You can't cut 188 staff members and say our kids aren't going to suffer from that, that's just unrealistic," said Moynihan-Rosa.

And while parents have no control over who stays and who goes, one thing they do control is their support.

"Some of our teachers are feeling a little less than valued right now and we just want them know that parents do value and appreciate their service to our children," said rally organizer Christine Sket, who argues the cuts should have begun elsewhere in the district, possibly sparing some teachers.

"We believe that the cuts should have first come externally and then work their way internally," said Sket, "our district has taken a different approach."

And while they know the rally won't be a magic bullet to fix all problems, they say it's the message that counts.

"Clearly we would love somebody to walk out and say no we're not going to cut 188 jobs in Manatee County but realistically that's not going to happen tomorrow," said Moynihan-Rosa, "so we're just going to start small and hope that our message is heard."

The teacher support rally is planned for Monday, May 20 outside of the Manatee County School District administration building. It is set to begin at 3:15.