Push for "medical" marijuana amendment gets pushback from legislators

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The push to put marijuana on the Florida ballot next year gets pushback from legislators. House and senate leaders say they will ask the state supreme court to block the amendment from going on the ballot, saying it would mislead voters, and open the door for anyone to smoke pot.

Lawmakers have not acted to pass a law to allow what supporters call medical marijuana, so they're doing an end run around the legislature to put the issue directly on the ballot. Orlando attorney John Morgan has poured money into the campaign to legalize marijuana for medical uses, and paid for radio ads featuring his voice asking people to sign petitions to get the matter onto the ballot.

Legislators, including State Rep. Doug Holder, (R-Osprey), believe the ballot language may mislead voters. Last week Attorney General Pam Bondi also asked the state supreme court to strike the measure, saying that its language was not clear.