Protestors upset over removing wooded area in Osprey

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SARASOTA COUNTY - Protestors lined the street outside an Osprey Country Club community.

Members of Sarasota in Defense of Animals, along with some residents of The Oaks, say they're concerned about the community's plans to remove a wooded area where hundreds of birds nest each year.

They claim non-native plants have taken over the rookeries, which is why the homeowners association wants to remove the nesting areas.

Protesters say having the birds there is just one of the benefits of living in the oaks. "I have enjoyed the birds so much. I don't want them to be completely destroyed. We don't need another groomed island out there," says Beverly Meadows.

The protesters say they've suggested to The Oaks, that they take out only a portion of the rookeries at a time over many years, but they say the association has not responded to the request.