Principal becomes floating target for students

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LAKEWOOD RANCH, Fla. -- A Suncoast school principal lost a bet with his students, and had to spend the day acting as a big target in the middle of a lake.

Students got to lob tennis balls at Willis Elementary principal Bill Stenger. This all happened after he challenged them to raise $40,000 in a walk-a-thon aimed at raising money during the district's spending freeze.

"We raised the most money for a single person and for the whole entire class, and we won two things: we got to go to Geckos with Mr. Stenger, and also we got to go to Jumping Fun,” said student Emma Hubley.

“They have been waiting for this day, they are chanting ‘on the lake, on the lake.’ They’ve been waiting for that all year long,” said Stenger.

Rumor is there is also an alligator living in that pond, but there was no sighting of the gator Friday.

Willis Elementary principal Bill Stenger

Willis Elementary principal Bill Stenger

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