Prankster arrested after videoing himself jumping over deputy's head

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SARASOTA, Fla. - Video has surfaced of a local prankster being arrested by Sarasota County Sheriff's deputies after videotapes himself leaping over their heads.

The video shows Charles Ross doing a forward flip off Siesta Key public beach picnic table that two sheriff's deputies were sitting on. The deputies tell him not to do it again, but once they see the video camera, one of them tells Ross they are going to ruin his day and they take him into custody.

Ross was charged with Breach of the Peace and Disorderly Conduct. According to a sheriff’s office report, the deputy stated that “the defendant was in extremely close proximity to striking my head and neck, or possibly landing on me…his actions placed me in immediate risk of personal injury.”

This happened back in November, but Ross says he just got the footage back from authorities, and posted the video to YouTube over the weekend.

Ross, who has starred in several prankster-style videos online, was also arrested in January for giving wedgies to people outside of a Bradenton movie theater.