Possible Great White off west coast of Florida

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A Great White shark is being detected by satellite 70 miles offshore of Boca Grande, Florida. A series of pings from a transponder attached to a 13-foot Great White shark, know as Betsy, were detected by satellite and displayed on a shark tracking app.

A group of 50 marine research scientists, from 20 different institutions, are tagging large predatory sharks, especially Great Whites, for the purpose of finding out more about these fascinating predators. The name of the Non-profit organization is Ocearch.

Last August off the coast of Cape Cod they caught this 13-foot female juvenile Great White, towed it to their research boat and did a series of tests on the shark. They also attached a satellite beacon on its dorsal fin and released it back into the ocean. Every time the shark breaks the surface of the water with it's dorsal fin, it's suppose to send a signal up to a satellite known as a ping. These pings are displayed all over the globe, and you can track them in real time using their application. It's a free open source program that you can download.  Just search "shark tracking" and you should be able to find it.

In less than a year "Betsy" has traveled nearly 2500 miles all the way to the E. Gulf of Mexico. It has communicated with the satellite 4 times on Thursday evening, less than a 100 miles off the coast of Boca Grande. Let's hope it stays out there. 

Bob Harrigan