Possible compromise on McKelvey Park

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BRADENTON, Fla. -- Supporters of McKelvey Park thought they were gearing up for a fight with Superintendent Rick Mills, but wound up hearing phrases like, "win-win" and words like "compromise."

The cash-strapped Manatee County School District received an offer to sell McKelvey Park for $1.8 million dollars, but neighbors around the park adjacent to Miller Elementary School have moblized against the possibility. 

"I went to school with Coach McKelvey and I've lived here my whole life and they need to save the land," said Matt Curtis, who likes to jog through the park.

"Save the Park" signs have popped up all around the area and in Tuesday night's public hearing.

Superintendent Rick Mills listed four options: retain the park, sell a small portion, sell to the city or county to retain the park, or sell all three acres.

Bradenton City Commissioner Gene Gallo happened to be in the audience, and he didn't think much about the idea of the city helping bail out the school district on this issue.

"I say this somewhat in jest, but in fact the City of Bradenton is not like the Federal Government. We're not here to bail out failed corporations. We cannot do that," Gallo said.

Tonight's session was informational. The next school board meeting is set for May 13th at 5:45pm.