Police: Sarasota woman hid electronics in baby stroller

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SARASOTA - A Sarasota woman has been accused of attempting to stealing tablets from a Best Buy store, using a friend's baby stroller to conceal one of the items.

It happened Friday at the Best Buy on South Tamiami Trail in Sarasota.

According to the Sarasota Police Department, 23-year-old Desiree Rohr entered the store with the stroller and attracted the attention of a store manager with a suspicious visit to the restroom.

The manager approached Rohr and noticed a Samsung tablet under a blanket in the stroller. 

An officer later approached Rohr and explained to Rohr that she was suspected of shoplifting. The officer asked Rohr if any other items were in the baby stroller. Rohr said ‘no’ and the officer asked if it was ok to check it.

At that point, the officer noticed a torn Samsung package in the stroller and asked Rohr where the item was. With this, Rohr was placed into custody and an officer searched the baby stroller. Rohr pulled an iPad Mini from her pants and told officers the Samsung tablet was in the back of the stroller.

The value of the iPad Mini and the Samsung Tablet were $1,110.

Rohr was arrested and charged with grand theft.