Police: Man trying to break in Sarasota home claims he is police

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SARASOTA, FL. - A Venice man is behind bars after he tried to break into a home and told the victim he was the “Sarasota Police.”

20-year-old Michael Frank Molnar has been charged with Felony Home Invasion Robbery Attempt and Felony Falsely Personating an Officer.

On April 30, the victim told detectives the suspect tried to get into his home at 1357 19th Street, Sarasota.

The victim told detectives he was lying down in his bedroom when he heard a loud knock at the front door and the suspect announce “Sarasota Police” several times.

When the victim looked out the window, he saw a white male wearing a black vest with the word “SWAT” written in white letters on the front. The suspect was also wearing a black mask over his face, black gloves and was armed with a black handgun. The victim told detectives the suspect tried to gain entry into the home by kicking at the front door, but the door did not open.

The victim armed himself with a knife, looked out the window and saw the suspect at the front door shaking. Moments later, the suspect ran from the home.

Molnar was already in the Sarasota County Jail on unrelated burglary charges. He was charged in connection to the April 30 crime on December 3.

Sarasota Policed say if you are stopped by a police officer or an officer comes to your door, you can always call our non-emergency dispatch number at 941-316-1199.

If you come in contact with a Sarasota Police officer, they will:

- Provide their name upon request

- If in plain clothes, identify themselves when taking action

- Inform you why they are there

What to you do if a Sarasota Police officer comes to your door? An officer could be at a home for a number of reasons:

- Interview you or a member of your household as a witnesses to an incident that is being investigated

- Make a notification

- Serve an arrest warrant

- Serve a search warrant

- Officers will never run from a home (as Molnar did in this case)

What can you do?

- You may ask for identification. The officer should willingly provide identification and state the purpose for being there

- If the officers have a warrant, you may ask to see a copy of it. Arrest warrants are centrally filed and the officers may not have it in their possession. A copy can be provided at a later date.