Plane crash pilot releases statement on Sunday's tragedy

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ENGLEWOOD, Fla. – The pilot of Sunday’s tragic plane crash that killed two people on Venice's Caspersen Beach released a statement Tuesday, and says that he is devastated by what happened.

Tuesday afternoon, Karl Kokomoor’s pastor, flanked by Kokomoor’s wife and daughter, read a brief statement in front of the media.

“He is emotionally distraught and devastated, and I hope you can understand and give him this time to heal from this tragedy,” said Pastor Vic Willis.

Karl Kokomoor statement reading 7/29/14

“Words cannot express the sorrow I feel over the loss of Ommy Irizarry, this father and soldier, and his beautiful daughter Oceana. I send my heartfelt apologies to the Irizarry Family for my role in this tragic accident.”

The statement took less than four minutes to deliver, and they did not take any questions.

But the statement did answer a few questions as to what happened on that sightseeing flight when their engine stalled. “As the plane quickly descended, I began to look for a remote area to land on. There was little time to make a decision. The beach ahead looked remote and far from the more active area to the north.”

As the plane was quickly descending, he said he steered over dog beach toward the water in an area where he didn’t see anyone. “The plane hit the water to rest with nose down at water’s edge. It was only after I landed and we exited the plane that I realized that there were people on the beach. I never saw them. I am deeply, deeply sorry.”

Kokomoor said he’s cooperating with the FAA and the NTSB with their ongoing investigations.

Caspersen Beach plane crash 7/27/14