32 pit bulls surrendered to Manatee County Animal Services

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MANATEE COUNTY - 32 pit bulls are the newest residents at Manatee County's Animal Shelter in Palmetto.

The dogs were surrendered by their owner after she decided she could no longer care for them.

"People get in over their heads with pit bulls, which is the reason why we get so many in the shelter. They are very loyal to their owners. When owners are not so loyal, we get them here. It's not the dog's fault," said Christina Rios, a pit bull expert with Manatee County Animal Services.

County Animal Officers say they owner was not a hoarder, but she was breeding and selling them.

"Right off the bat, your alarms go off when you see that many dogs and wonder what's going on. After you talk to all of the parties involved and get to the bottom of it, we feel there was no malice intent here. It was just overwhelming for the owner," said Joel Richmond with Animal Services.

The dogs are all different colors and range from 6 months to 2 years old. All of them appear to be healthy and are likely ready for adoption. If you are interested, contact Manatee Animal Services at (941) 742-5933 or stop by the shelter at 305 25th St W in Palmetto.

Starting this weekend, you can adopt a dog for only $15 during a President's Day adoption special.