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103 pink roses hand-delivered for 103rd birthday in Sarasota

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SARASOTA Co., Fla (WWSB) -- 103 pink roses were delivered for a woman's very special day, her 103rd birthday in Sarasota.

Virginia Blake lives at The Fountains at Lake Pointe Woods and had a birthday party thrown for her in the lobby on Monday.

She received a hand-delivery of 103 pink roses from residents and staff that were donated by Beneva Flowers. 

Blake still leads an active and vibrant life. She loves any activity that involves music or dressing up.

Blake has had an interesting life with many experiences, including the 1946 LaSalle Hotel fire in Chicago.

Blake and her husband along with their son, Bill Jr., were in the LaSalle Hotel when it caught fire and as the story goes, Mr. Blake found an outside fire escape on the 19th floor and lead his family and many others to safety by walking down 19 floors on the outside of the building.

Her advice for living a long and happy life is, "Don't worry. It doesn't do one good thing. It will either be or it won't be."