Pilot of plane that killed beachgoer runs civil engineering firm

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VENICE, Fla. -- Many questions remain unanswered about Sunday's tragic plane crash on Casepersen Beach that left one man dead.

The pilot has been identified as 57-year-old Karl Kokomoor of Englewood, who is listed as President and CEO of civil engineering firm DMK Associates.

Kokomoor was uninjured after performing an emergency landing Sunday on Caspersen Beach, during which a Georgia man was struck and killed.

Venice Airport Administrator Chris Rozansky tells ABC 7 that Sunday's tragic crash was about a mile south of the Venice Airport.  "The pilot and the aircraft were not based out of Venice, and my understanding is that they did not depart from Venice.”

ABC 7 knocked on Kokomoor's door Monday, but no one answered.  His passenger, David Theen, lives just down the street and owns the hanger where the 1972 Piper Cherokee Archer is kept.

Theen's neighbor Dean Warfell saw the pair Sunday just before they took off from Buchan Airport in Englewood.  “I was relaxing on my recliner and I noticed that the Archer was out and the prop running and I noticed my neighbor Dave got in and they took off.”

Kokomoor apparently realized he was in trouble near the Venice airport and sent a distress call over a uni-com radio frequency used by small aircraft pilots.  “Somebody here heard that aircraft make a distress call yesterday over that frequency and they notified 911,” said Rozansky.

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