Photos: Two waterspouts seen off Suncoast this week

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SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. -- Suncoast residents have been sending in photos of waterspouts which have been sighted off Suncoast beaches twice this week.

Steve Dart photographed this waterspout around 10am Tuesday, about 15 miles off Sarasota. (Click the images for larger view)

Courtesy: Steve Dart

Then on Wednesday morning just before 9am, several people spotted a waterspout off Venice and Nokomis beaches.

Donna Sarty sent us this one:

Courtesy: Donna Sarty

Heather Kirkendall posted this one to Facebook from Nokomis Beach:

Courtesy: Facebook/Heather Kirkendall

Candy Selby took this one at Nokomis Beach:

Courtesy: Candy Selby

And an anonymous viewer sent this one from Venice Beach:


There were no reports of the waterspouts making landfall or causing any injuries.

Joyce Lewis shot this photo from Venice Beach:

Courtesy: Joyce Lewis

Jennifer Croft sent this one in:

Courtesy: Jennifer Croft

If you see interesting weather events on the Suncoast and can safely take a photo of it, you can share your pic with us by sending it to  We may use it on the air.

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