Photo depicts two-headed gator in Tampa

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HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. -- A photo posted to Facebook this weekend has been generating internet buzz, but many doubt its authenticity.

Justin Arnold posted the photo Saturday.  He says he was walking his dog and noticed a few people gathered by the Hillsborough River in Seminole Heights. When he got closer he was amazed to see a two headed alligator.

He claims that Florida Fish and Game has received reports by several people, but no other evidence of the gator has surfaced.

According to our coverage partner WTSP, FWC says they have received no reports of a two-headed alligator.

Polycephaly is an actually condition that exists.  However, the lack of claw marks in the sand and the way the gator's claws are suspended in the air have fueled doubts over the photo.

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