Pharmacy robber has long history of addiction

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SARASOTA, Fla. - We're learning more about the man who was taken down by a customer while trying to rob a Suncoast pharmacy.

Earlier this week we shared video from a CVS pharmacy this weekend where customer Janus Jurisoo put his martial arts training to work when he saw a man robbing the pharmacy.

The suspect was taken down by Jurisoo and held until police arrived.

Officers then took the suspect, 65-year-old Freddie Johnson of Sarasota, into custody.

ABC 7 has since learned that Johnson has a long history of prescription drug addiction and robberies. A few years back, a clean and sober Johnson told his story to the 700 Club. “I knew that was something serious, it was like opening a door that I should have never stepped through.”

In the video, Johnson goes on to describe his downward spiral of drug use and robberies. He says he robbed 12 drug warehouses in 12 different states, and was taking more than 100 pain pills a day.

He kicked his addiction, he says, while serving time in prison and with the help of God.

Unfortunately, Johnson is now back in jail facing more robbery charges.