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Paul Ryan stops by Sarasota for book signing

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SARASOTA, Fla. -- With the election still two years away, a possible presidential candidate made a stop on the Suncoast, when Republican Paul Ryan held a book signing in Sarasota.

From representing Wisconsin’s first congressional district, to running for vice president alongside Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan has logged some serious miles. His three-day tour has him traveling all over Florida, making his final stop in Sarasota.

At Bookstore One on Main Street, people lined up to get a picture and a signed copy of his new book entitled The Way Forward: Renewing the American Idea.

"I don't like the direction that the county is headed, and therefore as an elected leader I feel an obligation to show how to do things differently. That’s basically why I wrote this book," says Ryan.

"It’s a very carefully-written book. It tells you about who Paul Ryan is, but he is clearly trying to appeal to a broad audience, not simply the Republican base with that book," says Frank Alcock, a New College professor and ABC 7's political contributor.

And when asked how he feels about President Obama, Ryan has stong opinions. "He’s skirting the law; basically we say that he is running a lawless presidency, because what he's doing with executive orders and legislations, he's going outside the parameter of the law."

With a big election cycle getting closer and closer and without an obvious front runner on the Republican side, Alcock says it’s up for grabs. "For the 2016 Republican primary, it's a horse race with more horses than the Kentucky Derby at the moment."

And in that race, Florida will play a large role. “Florida is one of the most important primary states, if not the most in the country, especially on the Republican side," says Alcock.

And he says the book has a bit of a presidential air about it. "It appears to me as a book someone would write with a tone and a posture if they were positioning themself and posturing for a run at the presidency."

Alcock says to expect more candidates stopping in Florida. As the 2016 Presidential Election nears, Florida’s 29 electoral votes are up for grabs.