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Parents receive no notification of disease at Sarasota elementary

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SARASOTA COUNTY (WWSB) - Some Sarasota parents are concerned after they say their child's school didn't inform them about a contagious virus that may be spreading from student to student.

Two children at Lakeview Elementary School in Sarasota are recovering from hand, foot and mouth disease and parents of students at the school say, they didn't receive any form of notification regarding the spread of the illness. 

Hand, foot, and mouth disease is a disease that spreads easily through coughing and sneezing, making it a problem in schools and day cares.  

According to school officials, the elementary's health room sent an email to Lakeview staff, but not to parents. Sarasota County School officials say that is because the Florida Department of Health does not require schools to notify parents if students have the virus.

Sarasota County Schools' communication specialist Scott Ferguson stated, that there were a couple of students at Lakeview elementary school that have foot, hand and mouth disease, however, since it is only a couple of students they did not notify parents. Later on, school officials will be discussing when it will become an appropriate time to notify parents with just a few reported cases. The school is currently in contact with the Health Department on this matter.