Parents react to loaded gun in school

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SARASOTA, Fla. - A day later, parents around Brentwood Elementary are still stunned by what could have happened after a 3rd grader brought a loaded gun to school and bragged to two classmates.

The boy found the 22 caliber pistol at his mother's boyfriend's house and snuck it to school in his backpack. Some wonder how the mother could let all this happen.

"I think parents should be checking their kids backpacks before leaving the house. Why can't you check the backpack and see if there is a gun in it! You didn't realize that backpack is a little bit heavier when you handed it to your kid this morning?" asked Joy Jutras-Kacprowicz, mother of a kindergarten son.

And that's not the only question being asked around the school. Some wonder why the principal waited about 5 hours before telling parents in an automated call.

"We have to wait until the sheriff's office finishes their investigation," said Sarasota County School District Spokesman Scott Ferguson.

Ferguson says the student has been suspended 'pending expulsion.'

"What that means is there is a hearing that looks at all the factors of a situation, and then recommends to the superintendent whether the student should be expelled, the superintendent recommends to the school board if they should be expelled," he explained.

The gun was owned by a friend of the mother's boyfriend and according to the sheriff's spokesman, Wendy Rose, he is no longer in the country.

No charges will be filed.