Palmetto Police: Due to mold and roof leaks, they need new HQ

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PALMETTO, FLA. – Built in 1964, the Palmetto Police Station has seen better days.

“It is starting to show its age and the cost of bringing this building up to standard and fixing a lot of these problems is becoming pretty prohibitive,” said Deputy Chief Scott Tyler.

Tyler gave ABC 7 a tour of the building and pointed out some of the problems including crumbling walls, cracks in the foundation and a leaky roof.

“We also have some pretty serious problems with the roof.”

He says over the years as the police depart has grown, additions were added to the existing building and now roof leaks are a common occurrence through out the building.

“These funny little architectural elements on the front of the building leak and it is leaking down inside the walls,” he said. The constant moisture from leaks has led to serious mold problems.

“We know we need to bring it to this technological age and we need to update it so that it fits the changes in law enforcement,” said Palmetto Mayor Shirley Groover Bryant.

She says the city is still early in the planning stage but she wants the new police headquarters to be energy efficient and strong enough to withstand hurricane force winds.

“We would like for it to be in a high crime area but sometimes there is other things that factor into that as far as elevation and that sort of thing.”

Bryant says it will probably be three years before a new police station is built and it is still too early in the planning process to say exactly where the new police station will be located or how much the city will budget for the project.