Palmetto mother arrested for Child Abandonment

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PALMETTO, FL-  A Manatee County woman is facing charges of child abandonment.

According to the Sheriff's Office, Erin Carnes dropped her child off near a mailbox in front of a home where she believed the baby's father lived.  A short time later she came back and dropped off two bags of stuff for the child.

The girlfriend of the baby's father called police to report the mother's actions. 

Meanwhile, Carnes was also involved in a traffic accident on the Green Bridge.  Palmetto Police responded to the traffic crash, at which time Carnes threatened to jump off the bridge.  Police were able to arrest Carnes and take her back to the police station, where the learned about the first incident.

Responding units deiscovered that the child had been picked up by Barnes' grandmother.  Child Protective Services was notified.  Carnes was taken to the Manatee County jail.