Palmetto Grandmother Accused of Stealing Nearly $700,000

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MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. -- The U.S. Justice Department worked with Bradenton Police to arrest 60 year old Beverly Sue Gingell of Palmetto. Gingell was a bookkeeper at Pro-Link Global when she allegedly stole nearly $700,000. They say she wired money to her personal account.

Pro-Link Global's website says it provides corporate immigration services to multi-national corporations.

The Feds say she used the money to help pay off this well-manicured home in Palmetto.

Most neighbors didn't want to talk--but some did.

"I heard about it, my dad was on his bike the other day and said that he was riding his bike and all of a sudden a swarm of unmarked cars came behind him and basically surrounded the house," said Connor Goulash, a neighbor.

We tried talking to the former finance manager--but there was no answer at her door.  The house is now for sale. We called her realtor and asked her to tell Gingell we wanted to get her side of the story, but our call was not returned.

Back at Pro-Link Global, no one inside was available to talk but a spokesman released this statement: "Pro-Link Global has been involved in this legal process for over a year and is anxious to get final resolution to the case and ultimately fair compensation for the damages to the firm."

Federal detectives say Gingell not only stole the money, her bookkeeping allegedly wound up costing the company nearly an extra $900,000 dollars in taxes and fees.

They also said she falsified her credentials, that she was never a certified personal accountant in the first place.

Gingell is out on bond. Her case will be heard in Tampa Federal Court.