Palmetto Commissioners approve ordinance regulating food trucks

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PALMETTO, Fl. - Food trucks were the topic of discussion at Palmetto City Hall Monday night.

The question facing commissioners was how to regulate the increasingly popular restaurants on wheels.

Monday night, city leaders discussed whether to adopt an ordinance that would not only determine where vendors are allowed to set up, but also place limits on how many can park in a certain area.

Monday evening, commissioners voted in favor of the ordinance, much to the delight of some food truck owners.

Andrew Seeley is one of them. He attended tonight’s meeting and says the ordinance is good for businesses like his..

Seeley says the regulations will help weed out the good food truck operators from the bad ones.

“When someone goes to a bad food truck and it’s not a licensed one, the licensed ones also have to feel the pain or if someone is upset with the truck,” he said. “If they’re licensed, the cities and the towns can monitor them.”

Under the new ordinance, food vendors will be required to obtain free special use or temporary use permits depending on where they are stationed and for how long.

Vendors also can only be stationed in the same location for 120 days.

The ordinance goes into effect on July 1st.