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Palmetto auto garage to make national debut on Discovery Channel show

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MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. -- A Palmetto man's love of classic cars will be the drive behind a new reality show set to hit the airwaves Monday night. His garage in Palmetto has grown so much in popularity over the past 5 years that he's caught the eye of the Discovery Channel.

He's considered a mechanical mastermind, retooling hundreds of cars from all over the nation in his 12,000 square foot Palmetto shop, where a majority of the show is filmed. He says it's a dream come true getting to do what he loves and sharing it with the world, in the town where he's made his home.

He goes by the name "Slick," and back in 2010 he moved to Palmetto, where he took his passion for restoring classic cars and opened Slicks Garage.

He says business has grown each year since, but now having his own show not only allows him to share his passion with the world, but highlight the town where he's made his home. "I love Palmetto, you know? We set up home here and the goal isn't just to put Palmetto on the map, but to put Florida on the map."

The new Discovery Channel show, “Highway to Sell," stars Slick and his co-star, automotive expert and longtime race car driver, Dennis Pittsenbarger, as they travel around the country finding neglected classic cars, waiting to be restored and make their way back onto the street.

"It's real car-building at its finest, and we're just lucky to have a really great crew to work with."

A majority of the show takes place right in Slick's Palmetto shop, where he, Dennis, and their team spend their own time and money working to restore the cars to their former glory.

But once they're finished, the car goes to auction, where the owner has a difficult choice to make: take a cut of the profits, or buy their cherished ride back at a discounted rate.

For real car lovers, Slick says the show will tear at your heartstrings. "If you're a real car guy, they're a member of the family, they're like children to us. And so to see them so excited and elated knowing that they're car is actually getting done and it's the way they've always envisioned, it's priceless."

Highway to Sell airs September 1st on Discovery Channel at 10 p.m.; and to get the community involved, Slick and his crew are holding a launch party, that night, at the Riverhouse Reef and Grill.

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