Over The Counter drugs can harm and even kill you. Do you know which ones put you at risk?

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We often hear about the dangers of prescription drugs. But the ones being sold over the counter also come with risks. Every year more than fifteen-hundred people die in the United States from OTC drugs. Do you know which ones may harm or possibly kill you?

Sarasota pharmacist, David Woodford, Ph,D. said, "You can bleed to death, you can have renal failure and wind up on dialysis the rest of your life, you can have liver failure and dies sooner than you should, or immediately." If you take too many aspirin or Nsaids, too frequently and don't follow directions this can also happen, he said, "They can have internal bleeding another, or ulcers for example throat, stomach or small bowel,"

Symptoms may not show up until major damage has been done.

ER Director of Doctors Hospital of Sarasota, Marilee Arnold, R.N. said, "If somebody is taking a prescription pain medication one that might contain Tylenol, that might be one that lo tab, Vicodin those medications also carry Tylenol in them."

Many OTC medications contain acetaminophen and if you self medicate, don't read the labels or combine them with prescription drugs you can easily overdose. And, there are other OTC medications to watch out for.

People taking antihistamines with Glaucoma, asthma, prostate problems or heart conditions are at a high risk for serious health problems which can happen quickly, even with normal doses.

Although any Over The Counter medication carries some risk, The best way to stay safe is to read the labels, check with your doctor to make sure there's no contraindication with medications you are currently taking and you can always check with your friendly pharmacist.

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