Outpouring of love and sadness for community leader

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SARASOTA, FL   Hundreds of family, friends and admirers came out on a drizzly Friday night to pay their respects to Eleanor Ball.

"I've known her since childhood. She was #1 gal, the whole she-bang," said Viola Joseph, who says she can't stop thinking about her dear friend.

Eleanor was killed two weeks ago after a car missed a turn and hit her house.  Police charged the drdiver with vehicular homicide and several other charges.

One of the first to learn of the tragedy was Reverend Roland Gobourne.  He knew Eleanor all his life, and he can't ever recall a bigger loss for this church.

"It has taken it's toll not like any other person leaving us has.  It's a great loss for us, it's a great loss for the community," Rev. Gobourne said.

Eleanor spent her life mentoring kids and teaching piano. After she was of the honorees at our annual community service awards luncheon, she told us why she was so motivated to help others.

"Someone has to take the lead and I feel that's my mission because of the passion that I have that I just want to help," Eleanor told us  in 2012.

Viola Joseph says she's going to miss her, and she's not alone.

"The whole community is going to miss her," Viola said.

Funeral services are set for 11am Saturday in Newtown.