Osborn meets with FDLE Special Agents

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TAMPA-- For the first time in over four years, a mother seeking justice met with state investigators handling the case into her daughter's death.

On Monday, Kelly Osborn met with FDLE Special Agents for more than five hours.

"It's a day we have been waiting for for over fours years now," said Osborn. "All I know is that I finally got to this day that I needed so desperately for so very long."

On January 1, 2009, Osborn's 22-year-old daughter, Sheena Morris, was found hanging inside of a Bradenton Beach hotel room. The Bradenton Beach Police Department ruled the death a suicide. Investigators there continue to stand by the findings of their investigation. Osborn has said all along that her daughter was murdered.

Eight months ago, after pressure from Sheena's family, B.B.P.D. handed over the findings of their investigation to the FDLE for a reexamination. Since that time, FDLE Special Agents have been conducting their own interviews and have gathered their own evidence. Osborn was called to the FDLE field office in Tampa on Monday to present them with what she knows. Since Sheena's death, Osborn too has conducted her own investigation, implicating Sheena's fiance as the person responsible for her daughter's untimely passing. Osborn presented her findings during the five hour meeting.

"I am very confident of the work that we have done as a family and that work I have done as a mother. I feel pretty good about my presentation," said Osborn.

There is still no timetable as to when FDLE Special Agents will wrap up their investigation. When the happens, the case will be turned over to the State Attorney's Office for review. A prosecutor will then decide if charges should be filed.