Orioles golf tournament helps raise money for Miracle League

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SARASOTA, Fla. - If you ask Major League Baseball players, one of the best parts of Spring Training is being able to play golf after workouts. Some Orioles players did just that at the Birdland Classic at Laurel Oak on Monday.

"It’s all for a good cause. To be able to come out here have fun and meet some new faces is great," says Orioles pitcher Josh Stinson.

The good cause is the Miracle League of Manasota, which builds baseball fields on the Suncoast so that kids who normally would not be able to play baseball are given that chance.

“The advantage of the Miracle League is that it gives everybody a chance to play. As Big League players, to have every advantage that we have had, it’s good to be able to get others involved in the sport," says catcher Matt Weiters.

The Orioles and the Pirates not only help raise money with events like this, they also give their time to the league.

They are not the only ones that should be lauded. Fans are part of the fundraising when they play with the players. "We actually play in this every year; my cousins and a sister-in-law. We really enjoy meeting the players, and like Josh said, it’s for a good cause."

So the players get to play golf, raise money and make new friends. It seems like a win-win, and in baseball, that's what they want. “There are not a lot of facilities for them to be able to play baseball. To give them a park that could play at, and a game that they could play, is a huge deal, and it’s great to be a part of it," says Orioles pitcher Troy Patton.