Orioles end spring season with a win

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SARASOTA--After weeks of home runs and curve balls, spring training is finally over; but before players headed home, fans were out Saturday out to give the Orioles one last Sunocast sendoff.

"You can't ask for a better spring training, come on, what'd we lose, two games?" said one fan we spoke with.

"The games have been great, the weather's been nice," said another.

Fans young and old filled the stadium, as the Orioles head back to Baltimore now to start the official season.

"Spring training was fantastic," said fan Wayne Harvey, "I came here with my son and his two cousins, both young men, this is their first experience seeing big league players this close and they had a wonderful time."

After suffering only two loses during spring training, Orioles fans say it's a good sign that success could come this summer.

"We're looking to go to the playoffs and win the World Series of course, last year we came up short but just barely and there's a high high level of excitement and anticipation involved," said Harvey.

Taking on the New York Mets for a final duel on the Suncoast, the stadium was packed.

Fans came from all over to see the game, some saying the best part was just getting to support a national team on a local level.

"I love the program, I love to support the local programs here in Sarasota," said fan Tommy Pettiti.

The Orioles beat the Mets with a final score of 7-1.