Officials: 3rd grader brought gun to school

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SARASOTA - School officials at Brentwood Elementary School in Sarasota  say they safely recovered a gun from a 3rd grade student Thursday.

At this point, it appears the student brought the gun in to showoff to classmates, rather than do harm.

According to school principal John Weida, a 3rd grade student says another student showed him a pistol he had brought to school.  He alerted his sister, who reported it to the teacher.

School officials found the gun in the boy's backpack.  Nobody at the school was injured. According to the Sheriff's Office, the student took the gun from his mother's friend's home.

At the end of the school day, Weida sent out an automated voice message to all parents:

This is John Weida, principal of Brentwood Elementary School. We had an incident on campus today I want parents and guardians to know about.


Today a third-grade student reported that another boy showed him a pistol he brought to school. The student who was shown the gun told his sister, who reported it to the teacher. We inspected the boy’s backpack and discovered that he did have a gun.


We called the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies quickly responded and interviewed the parties involved in the incident.


We are very proud of the students who came forward to report this situation immediately. They helped keep everyone at Brentwood safe.


The safety of our students is our highest priority. We want to emphasize to parents the importance of students reporting any activity that may be a threat to the safety of our school and students.


Thank you for your cooperation.