Official: "Natural occurrence caused fish kill."

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SARASOTA-- The Environmental Supervisor with Sarasota County says a natural occurrence is to blame for a massive fish kill at Mirror Lake in Sarasota County.

The dead fish were first discovered by homeowners late Tuesday night. Most of the fish are talapia. ABC 7 crews also spotted some dead catfish and carp.

On Wednesday evening, Sarasota County Environmental Supervisor, John Ryan traveled to the lake the assess the scene.

"I feel for the neighbors," said Ryan. "I smelled it before I saw it. There are a lot of dead fish here."

Ryan says what happened at Mirror Lake is not from a toxic spill or an act of vandalism. Instead, he says it's a result of a natural occurrence that happens in Florida often.

"It's really a very common phenomenon. Hot weather reduces the ability of oxygen to stay dissolved in the water. This lake is a good candidate for a bad thing to happen," said Ryan.

Ryan says nature must now takes its course. Birds will feed on the fish and the remaining will decompose. Ryan also notes that it's likely there are still plenty of fish in the lake still alive, including species not sensitive to low oxygen conditions.