Obama makes campaign stop in Tampa

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TAMPA, FL-- With election day less than two weeks away, the president pays a visit to the Tampa Bay area, holding a rally in Ybor City Thursday morning, and ABC 7's Fallon Silcox was among the over 8000 people who heard the president speak.

Two days, eight states, and running on very little sleep. “We pulled an all nighter last night, we just came from Iowa, Nevada, Colorado, we're going to Virginia and Ohio,” President Obama addressed the 8,500 people who came out to this rally at Ybor City's Centennial Park. The president, talking about healthcare, and maintaining choices for women. “I think it's important, as women, that we do look out for the future OK, because we are mother's and mother's have to take care of the future,” Clareatha Foushee, Tampa resident, Obama supporter.

President Obama says he plans on creating security for the middle class, and he even brought a hard copy of his plan for jobs, and in a key battle ground state, where people say job creation is a top priority, “We're talking about a president that's working to save jobs here, versus a candidate who's already shipped jobs over to china and other places. We're worried about the middle class more so than the upper class,” Reginald Maddox, Tampa resident, Obama supporter. President Obama even won over some lifelong republicans. “I changed my mind. The opposition is a closer. He's been in business for 20 years, I’ve been in business for 40 years, he's a closer and that's a person who will do and say anything to get the person to the table, sign the documents, and then say well you shoulda read the fine print,” Edward McInerney, Tampa resident.

With only twelve days left on the campaign trail, the president encouraged people to get to the polls early and worked on persuading the undecided voters. “We can't afford to go back to the same policies that got us into the mess we've got to stick with the policies that got us out of the mess and that's why I’m running for a second term as the president of the united states.”