Nursing mothers gather at Sarasota store for 'nurse-in'

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SARASOTA - About 15 nursing mothers gathered at the Hollister store in Sarasota Square Mall this weekend and fed their babies as part of a nationwide “nurse-in”.

This event came about after they say a Hollister store in Houston recently harassed a nursing mother there. More than 70 events like the one in Sarasota took place around the country Saturday afternoon to show support for nursing mothers.

They say nursing mothers are often made to feel ashamed, or even have to hide, something that is totally natural and healthful to their babies. “It's important for the future generations to see mothers out in public doing what is best for their children, and that is breast feeding,” said mother Christian Axness.

The store manager here in Sarasota pointed out that the incident that sparked the protest happened in Texas, and that this store did not object to the nursing as long as it did not interfere with people trying to shop there.