NRA suggest armed guards in every school; your reactions

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SARASOTA, FL-- The NRA's suggestions have been met with approval and skepticism. We set out to see what you think.

We heard a lot of mixed reactions, but the one thing most people seemed to agree on, is that they would like to see some action taken to try to prevent another incident from happening like what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary.

In a press conference Friday, the NRA announced its solution to preventing another tragedy like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary: armed guards at every school in the country

But some people say guns and schools don't mix, no matter who's carrying the weapon. “I just feel like the atmosphere of the school completely will change and I don't think we're there yet. I think this was a random, horrible tragic episode, but I don't think we need to put armed guards in our schools yet,” says parent Marla Wujczyk.

But not everyone agrees.  Mike Magowan is a firearms instructor at the Take Aim Gun Range.  And as a father of three, he says he fully supports putting armed guards in schools. “I'm for anything that's going to protect our kids, and that's it. I think there should be an armed guard in schools. I Think putting armed guards, or policemen inside of the schools and arming the teachers is a good idea.”

Others say while they don't think having armed guards in schools is the best solution, they're really not sure what is. “I do think it's very complicated with drugs and gun control, and I’m obviously a gun owner, so i want to continue with that but I feel like people have to come together,” says Bradenton resident Judy Korn.

Another issue some say needs to be looked at is the process to purchase a gun. Some say they think it needs to be more thorough, to help ensure guns don't end up in the wrong hands.