North Port Police say millions in potential synthetic drugs seized

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NORTH PORT, Fla. - North Port Police Department detectives say they've seized more than $2 million worth of equipment and supplies used to make synthetic marijuana. It has one local man behind bars.

Detectives served a search warrant Wednesday at a house on Tamiami Trail near Biscayne Drive.  Inside they found thousands of bags and jars ready for distribution, garbage bags full of the green leafy plant onto which a chemical mixture is put on, some of the chemicals, including acetone, even a cement mixer used to put it all together.

Detectives say each bag of the product, commonly called K-2 or Spice, can be sold on the street for between $7 and $15 each. A total of $2.2 million worth in this case they say.

Arrested was 33-year old Sayed Mohammed Jan, who is connected with a bust for the same thing in Lee County recently.

His arrest is having sweeping effects. "This is obviously a very momentous event in the battle against K-2 and synthetic marijuana. The magnitude of these two cases, ours and the nexus to Lee County...we are pretty confident it is going affect the Southeast United States," says Deputy Chief Anthony Sirianni.

Jan has been charged with possession, manufacturing, and paraphernalia among others. Immigration and customs is also involved. It's unclear if he is actually a U.S. citizen.

Police say they've had reports of the drugs causing aggression, delusions, heart attacks, and even death. Issues not typically linked to actual marijuana.