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North Port man who was punched and suffered bloodied eye wants charges filed

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NORTH PORT, FL (WWSB) - Bjorn Stornes' one eye remains bloodied, suffered at the hands of another man Saturday night.  Stornes says he approached some neighbors on Snowflake Lane in North Port because they were shooting off loud fireworks and it was frightening to his family including his 14-year-old daughter and their three dogs.

"I went over there and I asked them politely to knock it off to stop the fireworks," said Stornes.  "They became belligerent, yelling, screaming hootin and hollerin' and in the middle of the incident I was basically sucker punched from my right side and my right eye."

Stornes says he did try to call police about the fireworks around 10 o'clock at night but he was placed on hold, so that's when he confronted the neighbors. He says he never stepped on their property.  Police say that according to the people at the home, Stornes was threatening them and did step on their property.  Because of that and no third party witness, the man who punched Stornes was not charged.

"Without us even being there at the time, and again a third party witness, it's really just two sides of a story and really not a whole lot you can do with that," said Josh Taylor, Public Information Officer for the North Port Police Department.

Police say it's important for people to wait on them to handle noise complaints and not take matters into their own hands.  They tell us the man who punched Stornes will not be charged.  Stornes says he's going to keep pushing hard to get that man arrested and charged, especially since he's feeling a lot of pain from his bloodied eye.

"They claim that I was making threats and that's not true," said Stornes.  "First off and even if I was, it still doesn't give you the right to physically assault somebody or batter them rather.  I'm looking for some kind of justice here."

No one from the home where this happened would come on camera to comment about this.

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