North Port man heads to Washington to try and change the 911 emergency call system

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NORTH PORT, FL-   A North Port man is making it his mission to fix America's 911 Emergency Call System after his wife was kidnapped and tried to call for help before she was killed.

Nathan Lee will go before the Federal Communications Commission to push cell phones manufactures to develop technology that would allow 911 operators to track cell phone locations faster.

Back in 2008, Nathan's wife Denise Amber Lee was kidnapped from her North Port home by Michael King.  During the time he had her in his car, she was able to steal his cell phone and call for help, but she could not tell the operator her location and it took too long to track her location.   Denise was later killed by King and dumped in a wooded area.

Nathan Lee tells ABC News, "It's completely unbelievable the amount of lives that could be saved every year if the FCC could improve the sole location requirements from the cell providers."