North Port man accused of stalking Venice mayor

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VENICE, FL. - A North Port man has been arrested and is accused of stalking Mayor John Holic of Venice.

According to a report from the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, Holic began to receive text messages from 46-year-old David Anderson of North Port in December of 2013. The messages continued through March of 2014.

Anderson claimed he found out about an alleged affair between his wife and Holic 5 years ago. The text messages started as requests for Holic’s side of the story, but soon escalated into threats of violence. The report states that Holic did admit to having a consensual affair with Anderson’s wife about 5 years ago.

Police say In December of 2013, signs were placed near Venice City Hall saying, “Mayor Holic Cheats on Wife”.

A report details that hundreds of leaflets were spread all over Holic’s neighborhood this month, on the Island of Venice that stated, “Venice Mayor John Holic Cheats on Wife”. After the leaflet incident, Holic called authorities and reported all the threats.

Anderson was arrested and charged with Aggravating Stalking. He was booked into the Sarasota County Jail.