North Port landmark reopens to delight of swimmers

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NORTH PORT, FLA. - On the surface, it looks like a small pond but the warm, mineral rich water of Warm Mineral Springs is world renown for its healing properties.

“I feel very good. I used to have arthritis in both legs but now it has disappeared,” said Duan Moglov from Canada.

The spring fed water stays a constant 87-degrees and is said to contain 51 different minerals.

“If you are available to put your hands in the ocean water and here in mineral water, you are going to have salt on your hand from the ocean. When you come out of this water here it is nice and smooth because of the minerals that are in the water,” said general manager Mary Putnik. Putnik has worked at Warm Mineral Springs for nearly 20 years and tells ABC 7, when the springs closed last July it was greatly missed.

“When we first closed because working here so long, a lot of people had my house number, after they closed down about a month, I had to change my house number because too many phone calls that I could not deal with.”

Sarasota County and the City of North Port purchased Warm Mineral Springs in 2010. When the two government bodies could not agree on a contractor to run the springs it remained closed for eight months.

“I am very happy that they are open,” said Kay Bushnell who has been coming to the springs for years. “It is perfect in the winter, the water is warm and you can swim all winter long.”

National and State Parks Concessions, Inc. won the short term contract to reopen the popular tourist destination that attracts visitors from all over the world.

“I was in Aruba, I was in Jamaica, [this is] the best place over here to us. We buy a house over here because we have this lake” said John Roscishewsky.

Under the current contract, Warm Mineral Springs will stay open until August 31. The City of North Port and Sarasota County are searching for a company to operate and possibly develop Warm Mineral Springs for the long term.