North Port gets money for road rehab

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NORTH PORT, FL - With money now in hand, the city of North Port will soon be tackling its pot hole problem.

Wednesday city officials learning financing has been completed. Work on the hundreds of miles of roads is now expected to begin in the spring.

Bill Wall is legally blind. Taking a walk on many of the streets in his neighborhood is especially difficult. "These roads really bothered me right from the very beginning."

His wife Barb says it's plain bad. "It's really is in need of resurfacing.Pretty badly"

In November of 2012 the majority of city voters approving a nearly $41 million bond issue to redo 266 miles worth of pot hole riddled roads.

"The community has long identified it as a top priority." It's taken more than a year to get the financing. Wednesday city officials like city manager Jonathan Lewis getting the word. "We are just excited. It's as our current Governor said. We want to get to work. We are excited to have the bond proceeds in and we are going to get going."

"That is good news. I just hope they are able to follow through and that they have enough money to do all the streets that need doing badly," says Barb.

Lewis says it should take about three years to get to them all. The city has also implemented a new program to keep city roads in better shape. "We are going to create a system to keep the maintenance going forward into the future as well."

Improvements which many believe will have significant impacts. "I think it will encourage people to keep their houses up a little more too. Curb appeal means a lot to a property," says Bill.

Of course it doesn't come free. Nearly all property owners will be paying an extra $46 a year for the next 26 years. "If they give me 26 more years I'll take them."

It's expected work will begin sometime around April or May.