North Jetty concession stand reopens

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NOKOMIS, Fla. -- What was once a construction site; is now a fully operational pavilion.

In Nokomis, at the North Jetty Park, a revitalized building is now open to the public. It was at the end of 2013 when the old facility closed--due to cracks in the foundation and water pressure issues.

In March of this year, the fish camp next door reopened, however the concession stand and new bathrooms remained closed. After a million dollar renovation, the building reopened this past week.

"We have been anxiously awaiting the opening of this building since January and we were supposed to open January the 1st," stated Michael Schloss.

The County says weather delays and other issues prevented a faster opening.

"We got a little bit off schedule due to the heavy rains and the weather situations that we had," stated Curt Preisser.

Now that the new facility is open--concessionaires like Michael Schloss say it’s their job to make it a destination hub once again.

"This is a blank slate, we've been given pretty much cart-blanche subject to some parameters on what we could do up here."

"There’s no place to eat on Casey Key except here,” stated Schloss.

The beauty of this park draws people from all over.

"It brings people to the area that otherwise wouldn't come here,” mentioned Schloss.

"I’ve had people that come here from Sarasota, they come from north port, they come from charlotte wherever. So we are bringing people from other areas here to see what we're all about."

And all the people we spoke to were pleased to have a place to sit down and enjoy lunch.

A resident stated, "It’s very nice, you get a beautiful view and there’s a nice breeze coming through here, it’s very comfortable."

After much anticipation this new pavilion, with its new concession stand are finally open for business.