No love for educated women in the Suncoast

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SARASOTA - Turns out Sarasota may not be the best place for a young college educated woman looking for love.  In fact, some call it the worst place for a young educated woman to find a college educated man worth her time. 

For Jenna Norwood that has definitely been the case.  When asked to describe the dating scene in Sarasota Norwood was at a loss for words.  "The people I've met I just haven't had enough in common with, and I have a lot of other female friends who have the same types of frustrations and they wonder if they should just leave town," said Norwood.

While leaving town may sound extreme, a recent study breaking down census data ranked the Sarasota-Bradenton area the worst cities for educated women trying to find a compatible partner.  That data shows educated women 35 and under outnumber men in the same age group by 82.37% -- which makes for slim pickings for those who are looking.

"If I had not gone the path of education, my profession, and having my own business, I would have probably been happily married with a couple of kids by now.  The type of path I took just doesn't seem to be compatible with the prevailing culture of Sarasota," said Norwood.

But not everyone agrees.

"I'm college educated, I do have my own business," said Phil Petree, a single man who's also looking for love.  And, Petree doesn't buy into the idea that there aren't enough good men in the area.  "If you're looking for educated professionals, there may be a smaller number of them in the area.  But if you're looking for quality, in terms of kindness, generosity, someone who going to be a good partner, I don't know that education has much a bearing on that as the heart of the man would," added Petree.

But despite the opposing views, single event coordinator Leslie Heinz says there's more to the story.  "Its more an issue of number.  The woman far out-weight the men in Sarasota, " said Heinz.

Census data shows that for every 18 women, there are 10 men in the under 35 age group. Still, Heinz says there's hope.  "I found my man here in Sarasota."