New York Times Best Selling author inspires women at luncheon

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SARASOTA, Fla.- New York Time's best selling author, Kitty Kelley, comes to the Sarasota Yacht Club Monday afternoon to join forces with a local women's empowerment group, with the aim of inspiring freedom at the "Let Freedom Ring" luncheon.

The Women's Resource Center of Sarasota County helps over 1,000 women a year, and Monday afternoon nearly 200 supportive women gathered to celebrate the empowerment of women.

"What I’m hoping happens today is to really just reignite the passion and the purpose for advocacy and support of women in our community,” says Valerie Goddard, the Executive Director as the Women's Resource Center of Sarasota County.

Lisa Wasserman lost her direction and confidence after a long, 4 year divorce, but she says the Women's Resource Center changed her life.

“When you get in there, you feel, you're looking for something and by the time it's over, you found it," says Wasserman.

She credits the Women's Challenge Program, counseling, job training, and friendships for giving her a new found confidence.

“You come of out of your comfort zone. It teaches you, sometimes you just have to let go and do things that you didn't think you would ever be doing,” says Wasserman.

Today Lisa has a successful women's accessories business.

Guest speaker, Kitty Kelley, says her book "Let Freedom Ring: Stanley Tretick's Iconic Images of the March on Washington," details the March on Washington and the fight for freedom that still rings true today for women.

“Women too have had the same struggle, and this resource center helps women in transition who have either lost a husband, lost a job, or are just lost,” says Kelley.

Kitty Kelley and the Women's Resource Center hope, as women gather together in camaraderie, they will further the effort to empower the women of our community.

“It's a fabulous bringing together of a lot of women who care and who have contributed and who have made a commitment; and that too is in keeping with the book,” says Kelley.

The funds raised by the “Let Freedom Ring” luncheon will go to support the many services and programs put on by the Women's Resource Center.