New Years Eve, DUI enforcement numbers are out in Manatee County

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MANATEE COUNTY, FL- MCSO Traffic Unit conducted a county-wide DUI Saturation Patrol in conjunction with the "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" national DUI crackdown. 

5 total arrests, all for DUI. 25 citations were issued: 14 for Speeding, 3 for Red Light Violations, 1 summons for No Valid DL, and 6 "other" violations. 15 warning were issued along with 5 correction cards for faulty equipment. 1 license was suspended on site for a person under 21 YOA with a .02 or higher breath alcohol level.

Annually over 17,000 people are killed and another 305,000 people are injured as a result of impaired drivers.  Studies show that the average DUI driver commits this violation 80 times per year (once every 4 – 5 nights).  National averages show that an alcohol related fatality occurs every 30 minutes.  Data revealed that these incidents cost society over $54 billion annually in lost productivity, medical expenses, damages, and other expenditures