New theater in Venice drawing cards and crowds

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VENICE, FL - It's a magical time of year for many. Well, a new Venice establishment is taking it to a whole new level one trick at a time.

Window shoppers in downtown Venice are noticing something a little different these days. "They do a double take and they say what is this?" Owner and magician Glenn Gary says it's a theater, educational studio, and novelty store. It's called the Cabaret of Magic Interactive Theater. "It's something that Venice has never seen before. They have the little theater but that's for plays, concerts, and musicals."


Those of all ages like Karen Kissane seem to be digging the sleight of hand, illusions, and unexplained. "It's really an incredible wonderful thing to peak peoples interest and curiosity."

Local realtor Lueanne Wood agrees. "It's wonderful. It's different. It's magic."

Like pulling a rabbit out of a hat it's something which has changed the landscape on Miami avenue in the past month and a half."Positive reaction from the business community because I am bringing business downtown," says Gary.

When not giving classes or selling special decks of cards the store becomes a theater five nights a week. Gary showing off his 50 plus years of experience on the stage. "To see their face. To watch and hear them. It's not just the applause it's the gasp."

At between $20 for children and $30 a ticket for adults Gary believes the business is unique enough to stick around. "I have one guy who has been here nine times. He keeps bringing different people back with him every time."

A unique but simple formula for entertaining which he says is simply magical. "That's my passion. To make people laugh and to have a good time."

Shows are every Tuesday through Saturday starting at 7pm.