New Sarasota guns & ammo store out of the ordinary

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SARASOTA, Fla. - What do you get when you combine guns, coffee and a lounge? You get Fully Loaded.

The new guns and ammo store recently opened its doors at 6026 S. Tamiami Trail in Sarasota. Unlike most gun shops, Fully Loaded was designed for more than just the gun enthusiast in the family.

"When we got the idea to do the store, one of the main things was to make it more welcoming to the customer, and their family. We wanted to have an area where they can sit, relax, and talk guns," said Cheryl Holt, the owner.

The building is filled with leather sofas, chairs and big screen televisions. In addition, customers can enjoy their favorite coffee drink while browsing the guns and ammunition for sale.

"It has just taken off. We have been very pleased beyond our expectations," Holt said.

Joe Chiusano, a customer, has visited the store about six times since it opened.  "I have never seen a gun shop with a lounge like this. It is really a unique experience to come here," said Chiusano.

What's also unique is that a gun shop would open now when firearms and ammo are becoming harder to get. People are stocking up since legislators are examining ways of reforming gun control laws.

Beau Burton, a co-owner of the store says he is not too worried.  "I believe a lot of this stuff will die down. People do not want to give up their rights to these things. I think you are going to see them continue in one form or another," said Burton.

The store is open seven days a week. In the near future, concealed weapons classes will be offered. Moreover, Holt plans to designate a section of the shop especially for women. She intends on selling hand bags and jewelry.