New report confirms dredging Big Pass won't harm Siesta Beach

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SARASOTA, Fla. -- The latest report from the Army Corps of Engineers confirms the previous one: Dredging Big Pass to add sand to Lido Key shouldn't effect Siesta Key.

Susie Haleblian of Los Angeles used to come to Lido Key when she was her daughter Sophie's age, and says she sees a big difference now.

"The beaches are much more narrow now," she said.

Same thing for repeat visitors, Lori and Peter Hintz of Wisconsin.

"At high tide, it's up into the piling of the buildings, and you have 6 feet to walk on," Laurie said.

And there's even less room between the high tide water line and the turtle nests.  This is why the Army Corp of Engineers wants to dredge sand from Big Pass--that strip of water between the two keys and dump in on Lido to make the beach wider.

Its latest report once again confirms it won't harm the flow onto Siesta.

But people on Siesta Key to the south are concerned it could ruin one of the top beaches in the country.

"It could erode the beaches, it could mess up the navigational channel and it's a concern," said Peter van Roekens, a retired engineer in Siesta Village.

He says messing with Big Pass could be a big mistake.

"I don't know what will happen and they don't either," he warned.

Van Roekens doesn't dispute Lido needs sand--he just thinks there are other ways to do it.

"There are other places they can take it from," he said.