New developments in accidental shooting involving Punta Gorda police officer

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CHARLOTTE Co., FL (WWSB) -- There are new developments involving a Punta Gorda police officer who was fired for fatally shooting a woman during a citizens academy training exercise. 

Former officer Lee Coel is trying to get his job back. He's facing charges in the shooting death of 73-year old Mary Knowlton.

But the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigated the incident, and found no evidence that Coel intended to shoot and kill Knowlton.

Still, he was terminated from the Punta Gorda Police Department. Attorney's representing Coel and the city human resources manager who recommended Coel's termination held a hearing Thursday as he appeals the decision. 

"If were not going to take disciplinary action against anyone else then why are we terminating his employment," Coel's attorney, James Brantley, said. "Why are accommodations not being made for him the way they are for other employees - that's the question."

A decision from Thursday's hearing is expected by the end of May.

ABC 7 also has newly released surveillance (which can be seen in the video above), showing the moment officer Coel shot Mary Knowlton. We've edited the portion that shows her falling to the ground. Coel then runs over to Knowlton, appearing to realize what had just happened.

Other officers then jumped into action to call for paramedics. 

Knowlton's husband was there and witnessed the shooting.

"I was maybe 10 feet away from her and watched this patrolman, who was the bad guy, aimed right at her and shoot," said Gary Knowlton.

"He turned her over and she looked horrible. Blood all over the place, and I thought, Oh my God. There was maybe 5 people who were trying to save her."

Gary Knowlton went on to say the police wouldn't let him in the ambulance with his wife and no one immediately told him her condition.